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76 amazing bands support Sonny to help in Cayden's recovery

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'TributeTo Sonny Vincent' a benefit/ fundraiser album! 


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76 Bands come together to support Cayden and Sonny with a 3 CD digipac 'Tribute To Sonny Vincent'

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01 Rough Kids - Lights Out (USA)
02 The Dogs - Call My Name (USA)
03 James Williamson - Never Far From Where The Wild Things Are (USA)
04 Anti Cimex - Only In Dreams (SWE)
05 The Candy Snatchers - Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed (USA)
06 Legion Of Sadists - Pacto De Sangue (POR)
07 Eskorbuto - Cerebros Destruidos (ESP)
08 The Pagans - Hollywood Or Die (USA)
09 Knife For An Eye - Poison Out (SWE)
010 Victims - She's So Hot (USA)
011 Bobby Liebling's (Pentagram) Ram Family - Drop The Gun (USA)
012 The Boys - Walk My Dog (UK)
013 Tav Falco - Whistle Blower Blues (USA)
014 Pussy Galore - Seattle (USA)
015 Chaos UK - Hearts Of Noize (UK)
016 Jack Lipton (Penetrators) - She's Gonna Remind You (USA)
017 The Chrome Cranks - Bloodshot Eye (USA)
018 The 'B' Girls - Mystery (USA)
019 The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - Escape From New York City (USA)
020 Simon Chainsaw - Eight Times Lucky (AUS)
021 Sorrows - Bad Times Good Times (USA)
022 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - This Counterfeit World (USA)
023 Spent Idols - Creeps (USA)
024 Patrulha do Purgatório - Enterrado Na Loucura (POR)


01 Dark Carnival - Real Cool Time (USA)
02 Flamin’ Groovies - Don't Talk To Strangers (USA)
03 The Bellrays - Mine All Mine (USA)
04 Viletones - The Screaming Fist (CAN)
05 Corpse Grinders - Anything Goes (USA) 
06 The Black Lips And Khan Family - Too Much In Love (USA)
07 Electric Frankenstein - Welcome To My Town (USA)
08 Refused and Rise Against - Proficiency (SWE)/(USA)
09 Deadbeat Poets - It's Summertime (USA)
010 New York Junk - I Ride A Subway Train (USA)
011 Zodiac Panthers - I Don't Gotta But I'm Gonna Cause I Wanna (USA)
012 Clorox Girls - Vietnam (USA)
013 Sonic Angels - Love Is The Law (FRA)
014 Pretty Quick - Hit Me With The Reflex (USA)
015 Luigi And The Wiseguys - Johnny Ace (USA)
016 Moto - Lovers Landfill (USA)
017 White Mystery - Boy Next Door (USA)
018 Comando 9mm - Antisocial (ESP)
019 Gentleman Jesse - Romford Girls (USA)
020 The Kopek Millionaires - Punk Girl (USA)
021 Psychotica - We Are The Dead (USA)
022 Marion Cobretti - Viver À Margem (POR)
023 Carbonas - Nostalgia Buff (USA)
024 Dan Sartain - When I Was A Cowboy (USA)
025 Barreracudas - Stoned On Love (USA)
026 The Ricky C. Quartet - Bleeding Heart (UK)
027 Cellophane Suckers - Gimme That Ass (GER)
028 Sonny Vincent with (members of) Rocket From The Crypt - Bad Attitude (USA)


01 Jeff Dahl - Bang On (USA)
02 Flesh Rag - In Another Dimension (CAN)
03 Richard Duguay - Fuck You Fame Whore (USA)
04 The Cynz - Mean Girls (USA)
05 Crusaders Of Love - Shot To The Heart (FRA)
06 Soggy - Lay Down A Lot (FRA)
07 Electra Jets - Bomb Bomb Bomb (USA)
08 The Capaces - Shinning Soul (ESP)
09 Kevin K - Justify (USA)
010 Clockwork Boys - Selvagem (POR)
011 Rattlin’ Bones - Don't Believe (USA)
012 RIP - Enamorado De La Muerte (ESP)
013 Steve Baise’s Sly - fi - She's Got It (USA)
014 Dark Carnival - I Love You But You're Dead (USA)
015 Sonny Vincent & His Rat Race Choir - Cinematic Suicide (USA)
016 The Black Widows - Neo Invictus (USA)
017 Les Lullies - Bored Sick Done (FRA)
018 Fur Dixon - If I Was Free (USA)
019 Cavalaria 77 - José Do Telhado (POR)
020 Spitfire Stevens - Hollow Inside (GER)
021 Rikki Bacchus - Goochi Boxer (USA)
022 The Crazy Squeeze - Hard Livin' Man (USA)
023 Ravagers - Suzi (Has An Uzi) (USA)
024 Testors - Bad Attitude (USA)
025 Puma Pearl -September Blue (USA)

Order today and join these 76 bands in helping me support Cayden's recovery! Thanks! See below for list of music!

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Dan Canzonieri
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Dan Canzonieri

(art by Tony Fero)

01. Fireball Ministry (Los Angeles, California)
02. Lucifer Star Machine (Hamburg, Germany)
03. Velociraptors (Mossoró, Brazil)
04. The Rambles (Schweinfurt, Germany)
05. Jesus Christ Super Fly (Austin, Texas)
06. You Know Who (Indio, California)
07. Chainsaw Hookers (Perth, Australia)
08. Southside Stranglers (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
09. RoadRage (Hadamar, Germany)
10. Horisont (Sweden)
11. The Workhorse III (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
12. The Disconnects (Neptune City, NJ)
13. Wett Stilettos (Vancouver, Canada)
14. The Breakdowns (Nottingham, England)
15. The Spiders (Gothenberg, Sweden)
16. Black Anchor (Kungsbacka, Sweden)
17. Mad Dogs (Macerata, Italy)
18. Berzerkers OC (Orange County, California)
19. Boogie Spiders (Milan, Italy)
20. New Rocket Union (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
21. The Real Swinger (Rome, Italy)
22. Space Force (San Diego, California)
23. Firecracker 500 (Orange Couty, California)
24. Galgos (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
25. Bad Motherfucker (New Bedford, Massachusetts)
26. V8Wankers (Germany)



(art by Jon Groobz)

01. Born Loose (Brooklyn, New York)
02. Jet Boys (Tokyo, Japan)
03. Corazones Muertos (São Paulo, Brazil)
04. Vice Principals (Los Angeles, California)
05. Hell Nation Army (Berlin, Germany)
06. Whatever Motherfuckers (Turku, Finland)
07. Jack Saint (Warsaw, Poland)
08. Gibones (Ponferrada, Spain)
09. Criminal Kids (Chicago, Illinois)
10. Deviltrain (Bamberg, Germany)
11. BBQT (Austin, Texas)
12. The Breach PDX (Portland, Oregon)
13. Razorbats (Oslo, Norway)
14. Muletrain (Madrid, Spain)
15. The Volcanics (Perth, Australia)
16. The Kidnappers (Hamburg, Germany)
17. Ferox (Rome, Italy)
18. The Boatsmen (Örebro, Sweden)
19. Supercobra (Marburg, Germany)
20. Radio Reelers (San Francisco, California)
21. The Strains (Detroit, Michigan)
22. Blasting Concept (Santa Barbara, California)
23. Betty Blowtorch (Los Angels, California)
24. So Not Band (Helsinki, Finland)
25. The Walk Offs (San Antonio, Texas)
26. Artimus Piledriver (Atlanta, Georgia)



01. Killer Hearts (Houston, Texas)
02. Black Actress (Chicago, Illinois)
03. Tiger Touch (Portland, Oregon)
04. Christmas (Germany)
05. Negracalavera (Bilbao, Basque Country)
06. Australian Kingswood Factory (Melbourne, Australia)
07. PRV13 (Los Angeles, California)
08. Savage Beat (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
09. Dumbell (Cologne, Germany)
10. Midnight Towers (Toronto, Canada)
11. Black Bomber (London, England)
12. Jeff Dahl & "Demons" (Sweden/USA)
13. The Dahmers (Kristianstad, Sweden)
14. The Turps (Sydney, Australia)
15. Dead Express (Nyköping, Sweden)
16. Flesh Rag (Hamilton, Ontario)
17. Los Burros (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
18. Black Furies (San Francisco, California)
19. Colombian Neckties (Aalborg, Denmark)
20. The Crazy Squeeze (Los Angeles, California)
21. Luxury Pushers (Dayton, Ohio)
22. Atomic Zeros (Asturias, Spain)
23. Trouble Boys (Austin, Texas)
24. Bella Wreck (Kreuzberg, Germany)
25. Nicotine Pretty (Bridgend, Wales)
26. Fireballs of Freedom (Portland, Oregon)

(cover art by Wesley Mitchell



01. Black Sheriff (Cologne, Germany)
02. Black Gremlin (Parma, Italy)
03. Deathtraps (Newport, Wales)
04. The Egyptian Gay Lovers (Dresden, Germany)
05. The Empire Strikes (Helsinki, Finland)
06. Governess (Buffalo, New York)
07. Flexx Bronco (San Francisco, California)
08. Nevadah (Basque Country)
09. The Drippers (Gothenburg, Sweden)
10. Randy Savages (London, England)
11. Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre (Memphis, Tennessee)
12. The Dirty Denims (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
13. Bunt (Sydney, Australia)
14. King Mastino (La Spezia, Italy)
15. HeWhoCannotBeNamed (San Francisco, California)
16. Reptile Tongue (Oskarshamn, Sweden)
17. Dog Toffee (Manchester, England)
18. East Coast Low (Newcastle, Australia)
19. The 4 Faces (Helsinki, Finland)
20. Projeckt Daghouse (Osceola, Indiana)
21. Poison Boys (Chicago, Illinois)
22. The Tracy Lords (Hong Kong)
23. The Cops (Houston, Texas)
24. The Cheats (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
25. Hard Action (Helsinki / Kouvola, Finland)
26. Thee Eviltones (Nottingham, England)

(cover art by Riccardo Bucchioni)



01. Bitch Queens (Basel, Switzerland)
02. Stacy Crowne (Cologne, Germany)
03. Against the Grain (Detroit, Michigan)
04. Temporal Sluts (Milan, Italy)
05. The Components (New York)
06. Carbellion (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)
07. Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness (Wash., DC)
08. Slum Lord Radio (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
09. Citizen Blast Kane (Hackensack, NJ)
10. Dead Furies (Tallinn, Estonia))
11. Scumbag Millionaire (Gothenburg, Sweden)
12. Iron Lizards (Paris, France)
13. Detroit Sound (Oslo, Norway)
14. Stingray (Ørsta, Norway)
15. Turbocoopers (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
16. Poison Heart (Warsaw, Poland)
17. The Sick Things (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
18. Fret Rattles (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
19. American Uprise (Chicago, Illinois)
20. The Fatalities (Fort Smith, Arkansas)
21. Silver Screams (Boston, Massachusetts)
22. Aberration (Sydney, Australia)
23. Wyldlife (NYC, New York)
24. Gunfire Dance (Birmingham, England)
25. Helldivers (Sundsvall, Sweden)
26. The Satanic Overlords of Rock N Roll


A Fistful MORE of Rock & Roll Volume 1

A Fistful MORE of Rock & Roll Volume 1 continues in the same tradition that the original 13 volumes of A Fistful of Rock ‘n’ Roll did from 2000 to 2007.

It’s the Return of the Return of Rock ‘n’ Roll, ’cause EVERYTHING else is so shitty, got to get the power and get the kids back from the nursery rhyme radio crap. Straight down and dirty, the one and only, Action Rock revolution, High Energy Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Starting in the late 80s and early 90s, a worldwide Rock revival / New Rock Revolution sprang up, from Scandinavia to the USA to Australia to Japan. Spontaneously, around the world, a group of bands developed this new sound, such as Poison Idea, Action Swingers, Bullet Lavolta, Big Chief, The Fluid, Blue Hippos / Otto’s Chemical Lounge, Celebrity Skin, The Kings of Oblivion, Flower Leperds, Fearless Leader, The Lazy Cowgirls, The Donnas, The New Bomb Turks, The Didjits / The Lee Harvey Oswald Band / The Gaza Strippers, Dwarves, Zeke, Supersuckers, The Hookers, Nashville Pussy, Easy Action, Trash Brats, Candy Snatchers, Adam West, The Cherry Valence, Jakkpot, The Upper Crust, Speedealer, B-Movie Rats, The Stitches, The Humpers, Rocket from the Crypt, The Superbees, The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Zen Guerilla, The Murder City Devils, The Mud City Manglers / The Cheats, D Generation, Electric Frankenstein, The Black Halos, The Spitfires, Danko Jones, American Ruse, TV Killers, Dumbell, Temporal Sluts, Thee STP, Aerobitch, The Pleasure Fuckers, Safety Pins, The Nomads, Puffball, The Rockets, The Hives, Gluecifer, The Flaming Sideburns, The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Turbonegro, The Onyas, The D4, The Datsuns, The Powder Monkeys, The Panadolls, Mustang, Hoss, Teengenerate, Supersnazz, Jet Boys, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, and so on, that were all featured on the first series of the “A Fistful of Rock ‘n’ Roll” compilations.

Today there is a whole new generation of young bands that have built upon what the previous bands started, keeping Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll alive and full of high energy action. Thus, a second series is necessary to document this: “A Fistful MORE of Rock & Roll”; 13 more volumes of the best NEW ROCK.

Bands on Volume 1:

01. Adolescents (Orange County, California)
02. Flash House (London, England)
03. Hell’s Engine (Houston, Texas)
04. The Focke Wolves (San Diego, California)
05. Psychotic Reaction (Norman, Oklahoma)
06. Something Ferocious (Rancho Cucamonga, California)
07. Turbo Lovers (Youngstown, Pennsylvania)
08. Kung Fu Killers (Morris County, New Jersey)
09. Zodiac Panthers (Wilmington, North Carolina)
10. Idol Lips (Ceccano, Italy)
11. Rejection Fetish (Racine, Wisconsin)
12. The Swipes (Frankfurt, Germany)
13. Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers (Nottingham, England)
14. SMASH Fashion (Los Angeles, California)
15. Liberty Slaves (Huddersfield, England)
16. Thee Perfect Gentlemen (Seattle, Washington)
17. The Innocent (Italy)
18. Little Green Fairy (Sète, France)
19. Red Hot Rebellion (Dayton, Ohio)
20. The Chuck Norris Experiment (Gothenburg, Sweden)
21. The Deadvikings (Kobe, Japan)
22. Lovesores (Portland, Oregon)
23. The Berserkerz (Arnhem, Netherlands)
24. Backyard Babies (Stockholm, Sweden)
25. The Hip Priests (Nottingham, England)
26. Electric Frankenstein (Northern New Jersey)


Vinyl $30 + postage
CD $10 + postage

Colored vinyl EXCLUSIVE for pre-orders!!!
Remainder of pressing to be on black vinyl.

Release Date: January 2019

If any bands wish to be on upcoming volumes of “A Fistful MORE of Rock & Roll”, please contact: Sal Canzonieri via email: SALEF@OPTONLINE.NET
Worldwide submissions accepted! Thanks!

Dan Canzonieri